LTBzine Issue 6


Time for a change?

I always have romantic notions of sunshine and warmth as we head into this time of year. The only problem with this is that I live in the UK and, more to the point, in Manchester! But, regardless of the weather, we are in a time of year that’s all about new beginnings in nature
and that’s also a theme of our ezine this issue!

We’ve got some amazing member stories of change and evolution for you in this issue which are bound to inspire you in some way. Paddy takes us through his move from in-person to online training; Jacqui and James tell their stories of opening a facility; and Luke and Shannon
share with us how they made personal training their full-time career.

If you’ve ever considered Hyrox, maybe reading Michelle’s story of her experience competing at World Hyrox will be the motivation you need to take the leap! And I talk through why I decided to convert my studio to a Community Interest Company and the steps you’ll need to take if you’re thinking of doing the same.

Plus, we’ve helpful articles on Hanlon’s Razor and how understanding a little more about your client’s psychology can help you and them; why biomechanics is useful but not something to get tied up in knots about; ways in which you can help your clients with accountability; and practical, helpful advice regarding retention –particularly useful as we head into those sunny, summer months (yep, I’m still hopeful!).

I hope you enjoy reading this whilst soaking up the sun in your garden or at the very least, soaking up a cup of tea (so to speak) and, as always, if you’ve any thoughts or comments about this issue, please do share them. Or, if you fancy taking a turn for the next one, just get in touch

Happy reading!

Maggie x



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My Journey as a Coach, Caregiver and Successful Business Owner

Exercise Mechanics

My journey to owning my own facility

What You Need to Know About Accountability

Yesss! I finally made it!

Becoming a CIC

Transitioning to Online Coaching

Competing in the Hyrox World Championships

Strategies for Client Retention

Getting my own studio was never the plan, but here we are.

Cutting through the noise

What’s new and coming up in LTB




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