LTBzine Issue 5


How’s your new year started?

This time of year can always feel a little difficult with the nights remaining darker for longer (at least in the northern hemisphere) and all the high expectations that January brings. That’s why we’ve got a collection of articles we hope will inspire you to drive your business forwards, provide the best possible support to your clients, and consider your own well-being as we push further into the first quarter of this year.

Jake shares some amazing ideas on how to maximise the new year influx if you work in a commercial gym… and no, it’s definitely not too late! If you’re an online trainer, Sally shares her tips on gaining new clients and, Claire shares a phenomenal marketing tool-box for you to dip in to. Need some support with goal setting? Check out the advice in Claire’s article on page 25. Plus, I take a deep dive into one of her favourite moves, the Turkish Get Up, with tips on coaching technique and some adaptations which may help make it more accessible to all your clients.

We’ve also got some more fabulous member stories in this issue; Simon discusses how he trains as an endurance cyclist with an important reminder that aiming for perfection is the enemy of good! Harriet explores the feeling I’m sure we’ve all had that we’re not doing enough. Kim tells her story of how she changed careers and progressed her personal training business. Melissa offers us a personal reminder of why we should never just make assumptions around feelings of fatigue and why a trip to the GP could be in order. And Shardel shares her inspirational story of 10 years working with her client, Bill.

Enjoy the issue and feel inspired? Why not contribute your story, thoughts, or ideas in our next issue? Just drop me a message at

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