LTBzine Issue 4


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How we Build A strong Sense of Community

Time Management and Simplifying your Business

Running A Successful Business

How I’m Gaining Confidence as a PT

From 2 Garden Cabins to the High Street

Breaking The Rules for 14 Years

How to Remember Names

Webinar Reviews

Cueing the Kettlebell Swing

It’s Not a Stupid Question

What I’ve Learnt from Running Retreats

Programming for Beginner Clients

The Power of Language

What’s New and Coming Up in LTB



It’s summers like this where my nostalgia for mobile personal training returns; just remind me I
said that when the winter hits!

If you are looking for a great read whilst you relax in the sun, then this is the issue for you!

We’ve a great article from the guys at Platform Gym about the very practical things they do to build and integrate members into their community. As you can see from their pictures, their place looks like a lot of fun and their members clearly love it!

Lisa shares how she created a unique set-up with another PT to build her business from two separate gardens. And Katie’s article about how she’s building confidence in her abilities as a new
personal trainer is an inspiring read, especially if you’re just starting out yourself. It can feel like a lonely place sometimes and it’s helpful to know we’re in it together!

Personally, I loved reading Chris’ story about how he gained and has retained his longest serving
client! There’s a lot of voices in our industry who claim there’s an absolute right or wrong way to do things but Chris has proven that ‘breaking the rules’ can very much work for you!

If you’ve ever thought about running a retreat, head to Alex’s article on page 22 where he shares
the lessons he’s learnt on what makes them successful.

Plus, there’s the usual business, technique cues, and programming advice scattered throughout the
pages as well as what’s new and what’s coming soon.

We hope you enjoy!


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