LTBzine Issue 2


I’m really excited to bring you another great issue of our LTB-zine just in time for you to sit down with a cuppa and a mince pie for a good read!
In this issue, we’ve some really helpful articles from the LTB team as Gregg gives us a detailed and focused exploration of progressing and regressing a client’s training programme; Alex discusses how you can help a client who’s hit a fat loss plateau; Claire advises on how to view financial success as a range as opposed to a set point; and Stuart reflects on how he’d do things differently if he was to start over again as a Personal Trainer.

As we head into the new year, Chris’ article on what we can learn from the past about 2023 is an essential read for us all and make sure you check out ‘Ask Burge’ on page 31 for those much sought after answers to some of the questions posed over the past year.

And, if you’ve ever considered running an event with clients but aren’t really sure where to start, our interview with LTB member, Michael O’Sullivan, is a must read. Michael’s experience of climbing Snowdon with his clients is inspiring. Whilst Charlotte Yates describes how she’s tackling starting up a PT business whilst still working full time in the NHS, a challenge I know many of you
will relate to.



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  • What’s New in LTB?
  • Running a business whilst working full time in the NHS
  • Ways to deal with a fat loss plateau
  • LTB reviews
  • My experience with red-s
  • What the past can teach us about 2023
  • Climbing Snowdon with my clients
  • Progressions and regressions in programming
  • View financial success as a range not a set point and other financial tips
  • Ask Burge
  • 8 things I’d do differently if I started over again




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