LTBzine Issue 1


We’re excited to present to you our inaugural ezine, the LTBzine … get it?!

A smaller, more compact version of your fave printed mag but definitely not lacking! One of the amazing things about LTB is the awesome wealth of knowledge that you all share with each other. Whether it’s in our facebook group, on the podcast, at Facility meet-ups… LTBers are PTs who understand the value of learning from one another. That’s why this issue is packed with ‘how to…’stories from our members. From experiences of moving gyms, to transitioning from 1-2-1 to semi-private, to starting a charity alongside your business, our members have shared what it was
like for them and their top tips on how to make it work for you.

Read, enjoy, digest, and please do give us your feedback on what you think of the first LTBzine and what you’d like to see more of!





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  • Top Tips on Keeping Your clients engaged -Sally advises how you can support your clients without overwhelming them.
  • Increase business expenditure through need not hope – Why ‘what’s next?’ isn’t always the business question you should be asking.
  • Tracking progress without weighing and measuring – Maggie explains how she chooses to track her clients’ progress.
  • Body Development day review
  • How to thrive in a commercial gym – A must-read for those starting out!
  • BFAST Meet up Review
  • How to successfully move gyms – Paddy shares his experience of starting out again at a new gym.
  • Switching from 1-2-1 to semi-private
  • How to free up your time and reinvogorate your love of coaching.
  • Coming up at LTB
  • How to start a podcast – Stuart reflects on what he’s learnt 5 years on from starting the LTB podcast
  • Get sh*t done day review
  • What’s the Alternative? – Charlotte talks us through how, and why, she has set up a charity alongside her personal training business




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