LTB Magazine 9 (Digital)


What do football and marketing have in common?

No it’s not a joke, it’s the basis of Chris’s article in this issue

It turns out that editing a piece that is choc full of football analogies is a bit of a challenge when you have no idea who the players are. So….. if you disagree with any of Chris’s choices then please take that up with him not me! Putting that to one side Chris has created a brilliant article which illustrates how the different elements of marketing work together and highlighting why it’s no good just focusing on an advert and hoping it will solve all your lead generation issues. The great thing is that the principles still make sense even if football isn’t your thing (or even you live somewhere where you call it soccer!).

On the technical side of things Michael Goulden has moved on to the row in his series of articles breaking down the actions within different movements, James Krieger shares his piece on how to successfully maintain weight and Sally Moss teaches the Power Clean. Plus there are pieces on working with special needs clients, group training and nutritional periodization.

Some of my favourites can be found in PT life where your fellow LTBers share their experiences of life as a personal trainer and what they’ve learned from their careers so far



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  • Building A Thriving Fitness Business.  Liam Thompson shares the route to success
  • Key Performance Indicators.  The importance of knowing your numbers
  • Staff Management tips.  How to get the most out of your team
  • Friends Of LTB.  An interview with Matt Murphy and Liam Thompson
  • Building Your Customer Journey.  Use your process to grow your income
  • Football Has Come Home.  How you can use football strategy to plan your marketing strategy


  • Group Training.  Tim Reid shares his approach to working with groups
  • Deconstructing Exercise: The Raiders Of The Lost Arc Edition.  The joints, muscles and strength profile of the row
  • How To Power Clean.  Sally Moss breaks down the movement
  • Training The Special Needs Client.  Jason Leenaarts looks at how to work with this clientele
  • Nutritional Periodization.  Gregg Slater discusses how to approach nutrition in the same way as training
  • What Does It Take To Successfully Maintain Weight? James Krieger shares the research


  • How To Systemise Nutrition For Your General Population Clients.  Steve Marsden shares how he tackles nutritional support
  • Communication Corner.  Cathy explores the role of cognitive bias in communication
  • The Bar Of Expectations.  Chris Main on the importance of managing client expectations
  • The Curious Art Of Empathy.  Sophie Thomas shares her thoughts
  • Inside The Personal Training Session.  Active vs Passive Coaching
  • The Motivation Solution.  Helping clients avoid a dip in motivation
  • It’s Not Just About The Obvious.  Emily Skinner looks at the impact we have on clients’ lives


  • Member In Focus – Greg Mikolap
  • How To Read Research Properly
  • Professionally Fit To Fitness Professional
  • Why The Idea Of Pushing For A 6 Figure BusinessWas A Thorn In My Side.  Tony Cottenden on how he made his business work for him
  • The Perils Of Perfectionism.  Steve Bridgeman discusses this common challenge
  • Member In Focus – Meg Corkhill
  • How Not To Get Burned Writing Your First Book
  • I Wish I’d Been Kinder To Myself
  • Lessons From the LTB Podcast
  • How To Start A Bootcamp
  • What Can You Learn From Losing Your Passion for Your Own Training
  • Delivering Workshops
  • Member In Focus – Roy Ritchie


  • Kit Review:  Chris looks at Nick Tumminello’s bands
  • Course Review:  Cameron Cumings reviews the Working with Vegan and Vegetarian Clients course
  • Book Review:  Review of Dan John’s Can You Go by Spencer Cartwright
  • Event Review:  Emily Cokayne Skinner talks about the Tom Crudgington and Nick Tumminello event
  • Event Review:  Hy3rid Workshop review by Laurie De-Anne
  • Event Review: Roi larrett talks about the Upgrade your Business Day
  • What’s New and Coming Soon