LTB Magazine 8 (Digital)


Menopause, Marketing and Members in Focus the LTB mag has it all

Not only do we have the fantastic Lisa Gimenez-Codd on the cover but we also have an interview with her and an article by, relating to the impact menopause can have on a client’s progress. This complements the amazing course Lisa has produced for LTB providing us all with great resources on a subject that is often overlooked yet impacts many of our clients.
Marketing is an area a lot of trainers struggle with. I get it, to be honest it was the subject I dropped as soon as I could at uni (being marked on such a subjective subject offended every bit of my rule loving brain 😊 ). Similarly to our clients, sometimes we just want to be told what to do and for the short term that does the job. For anyone in that category, we will be creating some downloads soon. For the longer term however, we know it is better to understand a bit more of the behind the scenes stuff about why what we are doing works and how to adapt it to make the whole process a seamless part of our life. If you want to know more about marketing then I’d recommend having a read of Lawrence’s article on his 10 lightbulb moments that made him a more confident marketer. It’s a long one but covers a lot of information on different marketing approaches.
Cathy’s piece relating to language means I need to reframe how I view things and accept that it is evolution not “people being annoying” 😉 Alongside that we have what Danny Lennon has learned from interviewing the experts, how Tom Crudgington works with boxers, the impact of genetics on obesity, how to be a confident writer and loads more
Another great issue!



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  • What Are You Known For Online. The importance of thinking before you post.
  • Optimising Your Website For Google. A look at search engine optimisation.
  • Friends Of LTB. An interview with Luke Johnson.
  • Is Your Business Sustainable? The foundation to a good business.
  • Websites And User Experience. Part 2 of our look at UX.
  • 10 Lightbulb Moments That Made Me a More Confident Marketer. A look at a number of marketing approaches.


  • Deconstructing Exercise – Star Wars Edition. The joints, muscles and strength profile of the bench press.
  • Obesity & Genetics. Alex shares the role of genetics in obesity.
  • Consecutive Day Training. Gregg looks at programming for training without a rest day.
  • Is The Menopause Stalling Your Client’s Progress? An introduction to the impact of menopause on clients.
  • The Low Carb Trap. James Krieger covers the impact of going low carb.
  • Upgrade Your Front Plank How to add intensity to a front plank.


  • Don’t Rest On Your Client Laurels. Leigh Peele on the importance of listening to your clients.
  • The Importance Of Achievement. The role of activities outside of the gym environment.
  • High Performance Environment. A look at what we can learn from athletes.
  • Communication Corner. Cathy explores the evolution of language.
  • 3 Practical Ways To Apply Self-Determination Theory. Some easy ways to positively impact your clients motivation.
  • Coaching The Female Client. Identifying some of the gender differences.
  • Working With Professional Boxers. A look at Tom Crudgington’s approach.
  • Inside The Personal Training Session. An instantly actionable tip to use in your next session.


  • The Myth Of 30 Sessions A Week. How many sessions should you be doing?
  • 6 Common Characteristics Of The Best Minds In Evidence-Based Nutrition & Fitness. Things Danny Lennon has learnt from interviewing the experts.
  • Member In Focus — Cameron Cummings
  • 10 Ways To Overcome Analysis Paralysis Great advice from Michael Keeler
  • How To Become A Confident Writer. Writer Camille DePutter shares her tips.
  • My Business Models. Ian Stevenson on what he’s learnt from different approaches.
  • Lessons From The LTB Podcasts.
  • Member In Focus — Jason Ditchburn.
  • Member In Focus — Lisa Gimenez-Cod
  • Business Diversification. Eric Wylie on thriving in different environments.


  • Kit Review. Chris looks at the Inertia Wave.
  • Course Review. Joshua Palmer shares his thoughts on the Retention Course.
  • Book Review. Review of Matthew Syed’s Black Box Thinking by DavidPoole
  • Event Review. Grant Easton on the communication and SDT event.
  • Mark Fisher Seminar, LTB Christmas / Birthday / AwardsParty Review. What Nicola and Lianne thought about our event.
  • Personal Trainer of the Year. A look at the short list for last year’s award.
  • Interview with Sam George. We chat to award winner Sam George.
  • What’s New and Coming Soon.