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Jam Packed with useful and interesting content as you expect from the LTB magazine.  Communication corner covers how to have those tricky conversations about the elephant in the room, the Motivator includes a case study we can all relate too, Gregg wraps up his autoregulation trilogy,  Chris talks about Google presence and there’s loads more making making up this fantastic resource.



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It’s easy to assume that the situation for all personal trainers is the same and your options are limited to whether you add an online string to your bow or not but, as with any career, there are individual variances as a result of the individual preferences, strengths and situation and limitless opportunities to make it work for you. Talking to Jamie Lemon about his decision to move away from gym ownership and a full time fitness related role as well as to Stephen Handley and Will Holmes who have set up facilities in foreign countries really highlights some of the different approaches we can take.
Just like weight loss there really is no one right way to do things and this is something we will explore further in a future issue. Louise’s article on avoiding the funk is also a great reminder on how we can take responsibility for what we do and organise our lives in a way that works for us.

Also in this issue, Chris shares more of his amazing insights into consumer behaviour, specifically the importance of controlling your Google presence. Plus, we’ve summarised some of his “Daily Do’s” from December, if you weren’t following along at the time some of them are still very relevant at other points of the year so check them out for a short, focused action plan.

Cathy MacDonald covers how to address the difficult conversations in communication corner, something that can be useful both within the work environment and outside it, and the motivator has doubled in size for this issue.

Don’t forget to check out what we have coming up in terms of content, features for the site and events too!


Pilot Mode Engaged – Chris talks about controlling your Google presence
7 Things I Wish I’d Known When Opening A Facility
Time Management
Level Up Your Next Transformation Challenge
Decision Making
Friends of LTB – LTB talks to Steven Rinaldi from Primal Strength

Autoregulation Part 3
Bodyweight Training
Great Grains – From James Krieger’s Weightology review
Developing Strength and Power in Boxing
Coaching Boogeymen – Tom Bainbridge addresses a few industry myths
Acceptance Based Weight Loss Treatments
What the Science Says

Personality Profiling – Sarah Duffield shares her process for working with clients
The Elephant In the Room, How To Have Difficult Conversations
How People Learn – Harry Archer on how to vary your teaching style
Habitry: Motivator Issue 4 – Journal of motivational science


And lots more in the PT life and Review sections


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