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Welcome to our anniversary edition of Lift The Bar magazine! It feels amazing to be celebrating 10 years of LTB and everything Chris and the team have done over the past decade to support personal trainers. Personally, I never would have thought when I first shifted my career to become a PT, and initially discovered LTB as a member, that I would be here writing this as an editor!

I always think anniversaries are wonderful moments for us to reflect on how far we’ve come, where we’re at and what we’re doing next, which is exactly what you’ll find in this 10th anniversary edition. We asked you for your favourite memories and resources to which you did not disappoint, we asked the LTB team and we asked some of our long-held LTB friends what changes they would like to see in the fitness industry over the next 10 years. One of my favourite articles in this edition is Chris’ personal story and reflection of an ever-changing LTB over the past 10 years.

Although, as always, perhaps the most wonderful element of this magazine – and of course of LTB itself – is the contributions from you, our members.  You have once again shared your stories, experiences, thoughts and opinions with us which make up the majority of this edition and quite rightly so. You are the beating heart of LTB, without you it wouldn’t be. So from all the team, thank you for taking this journey with us and we look forward to seeing where we go together in the next decade!

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  • These are a few on my Favourite Things
  • 10 Things about 10 Years of LTB
  • 10 Years of LTB Timeline
  • What LTB Means to Me
  • The Importance of Maintenance Phases In Business
  • Training For Life
  • How to Programme for Strength v Hypertrophy
  • Lift The Bar: A 10-Year Chronicle of Grinding Grit
  • A Guide to Handstands for You and Your Clients
  • Interview with Mark Fisher
  • Why A Commercial Gym is For You
  • Moving as A Personal Trainer
  • Prioritising ‘Me Time’
  • PT & Pregnant
  • An Unlikely Career Choice!
  • Interview with Cathy Macdonald
  • Applying Self Determination Theory To Personal Training
  • Differences In Marketing Online Vs In Person Services
  • What Changes Would You Like To See In The Fitness Industry Over The Next Ten Years
  • When Nutrition Nerds Unite!
  • Why You Should Never Give Up!
  • Training Older Adults As An Older Adult
  • Putting Our Own Oxygen Masks on First
  • Is Online Coaching Worth The Hype?
  • How Do Your Clients Move?
  • How I’m ‘Rocking’ Classes and Personal Training!
  • Don’t Follow Your Dreams, Fall in Love with Your Struggles
  • Personal Trainers Are Using Ai To Enhance Their PT
  • My White Collar Boxing Experience
  • Becoming A Strong Women
  • Top Tips for Mobile Trainers: Training Mum ad Baby
  • I Feel Like Me Again!  My Perimenopause Experience So Far
  • Joining A Coaching Team
  • What I Have Learnt in My First Year As A Personal Trainer
  • My Top 5 Podcasts Review
  • Review: The Bear: Season 2. Forks


  • It’s Not A Stupid Question
  • Course Review – Weight Neutral Coaching
  • Book Review – Shoe Dog
  • Book Review – No Offence But…
  • What’s New


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