LTB Magazine 14 (Digital)



We’ve given the LTB magazine a design refresh.  There’s still the same level of excellent content with a mix of member experiences and expert knowledge.  I’m excited about the new regular items

too.  We’ve added a “case study” where 2 members each share an approach to help with a specific client goal, a “not a stupid question piece” where we aim to help some of the common questions and misconceptions we face when we start out and “my programme” where one of our fabulous members shares their current approach to their own training.

Alongside the new topics we have some fabulous articles on setting boundaries, the irrelevance of appearance when it comes to being a good trainer, using charity events to build community, hosting a seminar, the LTB conference and loads more.




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  • Who belongs in the fitness industry
  • So your client has a bad back
  • Inside the mind of an ultra runner
  • Your marketing To-Do List
  • LTB Conference Review
  • Communication corner – Setting boundaries
  • Interview with Farzana


  • What does a great Personal Trainer look like
  • My experience of working within Cancer rehabilitation
  • Living lift as a PT
  • Get a new client today
  • Taking care of yourself
  • The realities of lower cost services and the holy grail of passive income
  • My Personal Training journey
  • Assumptions you needs to stop making about your clients
  • You had me at hello
  • Expectations vs reality of personal training
  • Optimal exercises.  Have we got too caught up in perfect?
  • Hosting my first seminar
  • Bringing communities together through charity challenges
  • Something is always better than nothing
  • 6 things I learned about programme design from Gregg’s mentorship
  • Introducing Lifting Club
  • Why your prospect thinks they hate exercise
  • Offering the yin with the yang
  • FMA mastermind review


  • Industry News
  • What’s new in LTB
  • Friends of LTB – Nicola Hobbs
  • Client case study
  • Inside PT session
  • Book review – get different
  • Behaviour Change
  • Research review – habit formation
  • Lessons from the podcast
  • My programme
  • Not a stupid question
  • Coming up in LTB


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