LTB Magazine 13 (Digital)


I had a brilliant chat with our cover stars, Jamie and Sophie Harper, about what
it’s like working with the person you live with. They’ve been together 12 years,
had a gym for 8 and worked together for 5 years. Whilst there’s been some
areas of tension at times (Jamie training Sophie on a one to one basis didn’t
work out!) they have a great relationship and are very aware of separating their
business relationship from their personal one as you’ll see on page 74. We also
chatted about inclusivity and diversity but as I couldn’t do that justice in this
issue we’ll be exploring more in different ways over the coming months so keep
an eye out for that.
Life at LTB continues to be busy, we’re working on a big live event for early 2022
and have loads more webinars, downloads and other resources lined up for you!
We’re going to be reviewing the magazine format soon too so if you have any
suggestions for things you’d like to see, changes in layout or anything else you
think we should consider please let me know.
This issue we’ve added an Industry News page to the mag and we have a
fascinating History of PT timeline from Stuart. We’ve got some great information
about how different trainers use fixed-term packages in their business, which I
think is a great illustration of how there is always a range of “right” answers and
how different approaches can be equally successful. As always I’m spoiled for
choice when it comes to great articles to

Alongside these fantastic pieces, Chris has shared the realities of being a personal trainer in his fabulous piece, including a very useful exercise you can use to work out what you want your career to provide for you. We also have a great article by Stuart to help improve your social media presence, Eric Helms covers why early success can be a bad thing, Scott Richardson talks about his experiences of teaching trainers and I’ve taken the opportunity to cover a few things that come up in conversations with trainers including how to decide what support your clients need, internal marketing and why getting an employed position isn’t failure.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I have.



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    • Industry News
    • The History Of Personal Training


      • Is LCV The Critical Metric All It’s Made Out To Be?
      • Fixed Term Packages. A look at different approaches that work
      • Friends Of LTB: Fitness Marketing Agency
      • Social Media Checklist
      • Online Vs Offline Services by Brad Thurston
      • How Marketing Gives Me The Life I Want To Live by Chris Burgess


      • A Personal Trainers Guide To Mobility by Alex Gibilaro
      • Talking About Nutrition With Vegan Clients. Emily Taylor helps dispel the myths and offers practical advice
      • A Pilot Without A Destination. Gregg shows you how to fix your programming worries
      • Satiety. Paul Ellis explains its role in weight loss


      • Communication Corner – Understanding Emotion by Cathy MacDonald
      • Setting Client Expectations. Steve Marsden shares its importance
      • Inside The Personal Training Session. A look at cueing
      • What Learning Audio Description Has Taught Me About Both Communication And Inclusivity by Claire Winter
      • Health And Happiness At Every Age. James Norris on working in care homes
      • How To Keep The Personal In Small Group Personal Training. Calum Hunter talks about his approach
      • How To Support Your Client Through Their Nutrition Journey. Natasha Farrell offers her thoughts and advice
      • Research Review: A look at Rigid Versus Flexible Restraint


      • Living And Working Together. Jamie and Sophie Harper share their experiences
      • My Transition Into PT by Kathryn Sutherland
      • From Winging It To Creating A Viable Business. Chris Regis shares his story
      • What Does Exercise Mean To Me? Joe Dilling tells how exercise has changed his life
      • How I Created A Gym Out Of A Hay Barn by Serena McAlistar
      • Interview With Aaron Chadda
      • Making The Jump From Strength And Conditioning Trainer To Personal Trainer. Mike Brooks shares his experience
      • Finding Happiness At Work. How a career in fitness has lead James Jones to happiness
      • The Naturopath And The PT by Yasmin Siddique
      • Lessons From Podcasts


      • Kit Review. Tib Ant Raise is reviewed by James McCarthy
      • Kit Review. Aaron Chadda reviews Prime Fitness Kit
      • Book Review. Lulie Anderson reviews Lost Connections
      • What’s New and Coming Soon



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