LTB Magazine 12 (Digital)


I love every LTB magazine we do but this one is particularly special. We’ve never had so many members ready, willing and able to contribute as we had for this issue. It’s brilliant to be inspired by so many trainers as they share their knowledge and experiences. If you would like to contribute to a future issue please let me know, I’m always happy to help guide and support where necessary and it can be a brilliant chance to work on your writing skills.

Alongside these fantastic pieces, Chris has shared the realities of being a personal trainer in his fabulous piece, including a very useful exercise you can use to work out what you want your career to provide for you. We also have a great article by Stuart to help improve your social media presence, Eric Helms covers why early success can be a bad thing, Scott Richardson talks about his experiences of teaching trainers and I’ve taken the opportunity to cover a few things that come up in conversations with trainers including how to decide what support your clients need, internal marketing and why getting an employed position isn’t failure.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I have.



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  • The Missing Link. The importance of internal marketing
  • Retention. Shardel O’Toole shares her approach to keeping clients for the long haul
  • How To Successfully Implement A New Software Platform Into Your Fitness Business
  • 13 Steps To A Better Social Media Presence.
  • Pre Selling Membership For A New Studio
  • Automation. Joe McNee shows us how automation can work to manage your business
  • Friends Of LTB: Jason McCarthy
  • Time Management And Productivity


  • 5 Advanced Core Exercises You Might Not Have Tried
  • Strength Training In Pregnancy
  • A Personal Trainers Guide To Mobility
  • Improving Life Outcomes For Cancer Patients With Exercise Medicine
  • Time To Give HIIT A Miss?


  • Daily Habitual Nutrition. Paul Ellis shares his approach to supporting client nutrition
  • How To Say No (And Set Some Boundaries)
  • Inside The Personal Training Session
  • The Happiness Effect
  • Client Support. Claire asks what your clients need
  • Inside The Personal Training Session. Give nutrition the space it needs
  • Accountability Research Review: Friends with benefits: Social Accountability Increases Physical Activity


  • The Realities Of Being A PT
  • Getting A Job Isn’t Failure
  • Interview With Lyndsey Roberts From Strong Like A Mutha
  • Increasing Your Enjoyment And Success With Mindfulness
  • The Value Of Being Taught, Coached And Mentored. Jake Weekes shares his experience
  • Starting Out As A PT In A Pandemic
  • Why You Don’t Want To Be Hugely Successful Early In Your Career
  • I Hope They Don’t Catch Me Out. Scott Richardson shares his experience teaching trainers
  • Why Comparison Isn’t The Thief Of Joy
  • My Experience Of Transitioning From Employed To Self Employed PT And Becoming A Dad At The Same Time. Daniel Wilson shares his story
  • My Experience At The Open. Sam Heffer tells us about this once in a lifetime opportunity
  • Lessons From Podcasts


  • Kit Review
  • Course Review. Caroline Gransden reviews the Managing Your Time course
  • Mentorship Review. Chris Farquhar reviews the Programme Design Mentorship
  • Book Review. Abi Durrant reviews The Power Of Moments
  • What’s New and Coming Soon



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