LTB Magazine 11 (Digital)


This issue is very special to us, it includes a section on an area we’ve been wanting to cover for a while.

The prejudice and acceptance section is a collection of articles and interviews with individuals on how different aspects relating to these topics have impacted their lives. They include discussions relating to colour and cultural differences, sexuality, HIV, body size and bullying. Whilst these interviews barely scratch the surface of some very big subjects they have helped me hugely in my ongoing journey to identify my blind spots when it comes to discrimination and inclusivity, and I really hope it helps others too.

In this issue we have introduced a new research review on behaviour change. Alex Pearson will be exploring different theories relating to the subject both through the magazine articles and via webinars over the coming months. In this issue Alex delves into the research relating to the Transtheoretical Model of Change.

We also have  collection of lockdown stories from members. I know we are all experts on lockdown situations now, but these tales from lockdown 1 are great for connecting with others via their experiences.

On top of that there are fabulous articles on mobility, hypertrophy, goal setting, writing copy, working from home, social media, an 8 week plan for clients who want to run 10km, and much more.




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  • Prejudice And Acceptance In The Fitness Industry. A collection of interviews and articles from people who have experienced feeling excluded from fitness


  • Introducing Session:X To Your Business
  • Content Creation In A World With Covid. How to keep things relevant
  • Making Working From Home Work For You
  • Friends of LTB. We chat to Rachel Young about Myzone
  • High Performance Client-Trainer Relationships. Alex Chapman covers the role goal setting can play and how to maximise its benefits
  • Social Media, Your Questions Answered
  • How To Craft Compelling Copy As A Fitness Professional. Catherine Reohorn shares her expertise


  • So Your Client Wants To:.. An introduction to the new webinar series
  • An Example Running Plan: Beginner 10KM. Purdue Performance share a running programme
  • High VS Low Load Training For Hypertrophy. Gregg Slater discusses progression
  • A Personal Trainers Guide To Mobility. Alex looks at foam rolling in this first part of a new series
  • Doing More Sets Offsets The Negative Effects Of Short Rest Intervals On Hypertrophy. Greg Nuckols shares an article from MASS


  • Motivational Interviewing. Mike Howard looks at its role in helping fitpros get results.
  • Post Covid Extra Support Outside Of Sessions. Jake Weekes shares changes he’s made since lockdown 1 started
  • Why The Hospitality Industry Can Make You A Better PT. Calum Hunter on how he used his experiences from a previous role
  • Building Better Relationships With Your Clients. Stuart discusses ways to build stronger connections
  • Every Day Is A Negotiation Day. Communication Corner with Cathy MacDonald
  • Inside The Personal Training Session. Give nutrition the space it needs
  • Introducing The Behavioural Change Research Review. Alex Pearson introduces the new section that focuses on the science around behaviour change
  • Behavioural Change Research Review. The Transtheoretical Model Of Change


  • Lockdown Stories
  • Juggling Childcare And Work
  • Lessons From the LTB Podcast
  • Personal Training, Year One


  • Kit Review
  • Course Review. Bronya Francis reviews the Movement Screening course
  • Book Review. Ronan Brandon reviews James Kreiger and Michael Matthews’ book, Fitness Science Explained: A Practical Guide to Using Science to Optimize Your Health, Fitness and Lifestyle
  • What’s New and Coming Soon



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