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As I write this we are in the middle of the biggest unknown period in the industry, ever. Countries across the globe are coming out of various states of lockdown and personal trainers are working out how they can get back to working with clients in person whilst accommodating the restrictions and guidelines in place.  For the majority of the magazine the contents are “business as usual”. A lot of the interviews and content was produced before any of us had any idea what Covid 19 or Coronavirus meant or what was awaiting us on the horizon. It is however all as interesting and useful as ever and, as usual, there is something for everyone. I know it’s been tough times for all in various ways and hopefully by the time this arrive we’ll have moved forward and there will be more options on how we can interact with other humans, whether they are friends, family or clients. In the meantime I’m sending love and virtual hugs to each and every one of you (yes even the ones who ”don’t do hugs”). Thank you for being a part of our world and for making the fitness industry a better place.



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  • 5 Lessons The Lockdown Has Taught Me About Business.  Chris Burgess looks at what he’s learnt
  • Key Performance Indicators.  Dorian Bass-White shares the impact of KPI’s
  • Using Qualitative Research To Understand Our Clients Better.  Ronan Brandon on the benefits of focus groups
  • Client Avatars.  Claire discusses the importance of knowing who you train
  • 7 Powerful UX Tips.  Mandy Wong Oultram talks user experience
  • Friends of LTB.  We chat to Mike Waywell about Gymownr
  • How to Build Rapport During The Consultation Process.  Stuart shares ways you can improve
  • Stages Of Business.  A look at how your focus needs to change as you progress
  • The Value Of Free.  How Ian Stevenson has utilized free trials in his business
  • Who Do You Think You Are Talking To?  Chris Jillard on the importance of answering this question


  • Can Reducing Portion Sizes Help You Eat Less.  James Krieger shares the research
  • The Importance Of Behavioural Freedoms.  A look at this complex area with Alex Pearson
  • The Weight Is A Tool Many Had Mistaken For The Goal.  Gregg Slater discusses progression
  • Bracing.  A look at how to teach your clients to brace
  • The Language Of Coaching.  A look at Nick Winkelman’s book
  • Deconstructing Exercise: The Speed Edition.  Michael Goulden continues his series breaking down the elements of movement


  • Online Check Ins.  Angi Pilika shares how she manages her client check ins
  • Client Led Service Improvements. Claire looks at how you can decide which changes to make
  • An Answer Is Only As Good As The Question That Is Asked.  Communication Corner with Cathy MacDonald
  • Customer Service.  Erica Pease talks about her experiences in customer service
  • What Personal Trainers Can Learn From The Therapeutic Alliance.  Stuart explores what we can learn from psychotherapists
  • Is Motivation Overrated?  How Conleth McAlinden tackles client motivation
  • Inside The Personal Training Session.  Show genuine interest


  • Switching Careers
  • An Interview With A Psychologist
  • Member In Focus – Jamie Rowland
  • Building Confidence
  • Advantages Of A Booking System.  How adding a booking system changes Paul Hughes business
  • Member In Focus – Joe Taylor
  • You’re Going To Have To Pay The Price
  • How To Stay Organised
  • Member In Focus – Mandy Wong Oultram
  • Lessons From the LTB Podcast


  • Kit Review.  Chris looks at the tech needed for great audio
  • Course Review.  Sarah Bourne reviews the Menopause course
  • Book Review.  Review of Simon Sinek’s Start with why by Tobi Adepegba
  • What’s New and Coming Soon



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